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CEGO in Laurea Journal: Sociology and Ecosystems Orchestration

    Ecosystem specialist Mikael Seppälä from the Laurea University of Applied Sciences participated in the Annual Sociological Conference 2023 in Tampere where he gave a presentation titled Sociology and Ecosystems Orchestration – – From exploring multiple perspectives to engaging them in sustainability practices in which he also spoke about the work on ecosystems done in the CEGO project. An article about the presentation was published in Laurea Journal in which Mikael writes:

    “Engaging with and building bridges between multiple perspectives and conflicting logics of value creation is at the heart of ecosystems orchestration. This requires a focus on building relationships between different actors where caring is the foundation of collaboration (Dhami 2021). Caring which requires capacities to understand and bring together multiple perspective is one of the foundational elements of ecosystem thinking.

    What are the themes in ecosystems orchestration where ecosystem thinking can be employed? Based on a recent review of international ecosystems orchestration practitioners in sustainability, five themes of approaches emerged. They include (1) relationship building, (2) identifying shared challenges and collaborative governance, (3) hybrid funding and portfolio management, (4) co-creation and project management, and (5) creation shared knowledge. (CEGO 2022.)”

    You can read the full article in Laurea Journal or by clicking the picture below.